Kaashi Furniture in The Resonance Box

20171209_120836 2.jpg

As we started to put together the idea for this space, we wanted it to be as versatile as possible, allowing whomever comes in it either to perform, or to make, or to just sit and listen to have flexibility. In order to be able to give that flexibility to our speakers, Brandon suggested we make these boxes the speakers could go in... and they could double as shelves or stools ... that they could be stackable or mountable on the walls. We took this great idea to Kaashi Furniture, a brand new creative trio right here in Minneapolis. I knew we would be in for a treat when they accepted to make these boxes for us. This past Saturday when they unloaded the boxes at the gallery, we were loving them at first sight. These are not ordinary boxes. Elegant and detailed, they sit here in the Resonance Box, sometimes housing a speaker, sometimes providing a seat, and sometimes being a beautiful platform to place a cup of tea on while sitting at our window's bench. They have inlayed some tiles in there for us, including one with our logo on it. Their contrasting color butterfly joints provide a great touch and extra strength. We plan on keeping these for a lifetime.

They have also adorned our gallery with their smaller goodies such as Persian inspired coasters, trays, and serving boards. They have special ones here for Yalda, a Persian tradition to celebrate the longest night of the year. All available for sale. All made with love.

Local gems do not come by easily. We are grateful for Kaashi Furniture and look forward to housing more of their beautiful creations.


Aida Shahghasemi