So It beings...

It was bizarre to me when I talked about the idea of a sound gallery and not a single person knew what I was saying. Some simply said they can't even imagine what that is, and some, with extreme care and self doubt crafted the most sensitive of questions along the lines of "pardon my ignorance but I don't really think I know what that is, can you explain it to me?" And as soon as I said it is just like a gallery, except that instead of visual arts and installations, it will be solely dedicated to sound, music, the auditory experience. Everyone understood it then.

Of course, there is good reason we don't have sound galleries. You can't really sell sound or make commission on it. The closest thing to that is a music venue. But that wasn't what I was after. I wanted a place where you can really pay attention to how you hear; how we hear as human beings. How do we perceive the world around us through our ears? How does it feel to hear sounds you had never heard before? How do people with hearing aids hear? have you ever wondered about these things? 

We are taking baby steps as we prepare to officially open in January, but I think we are in for a great learning experience with this space. We simply would love it for you to join us.


Aida Shahghasemi