Six Combines

Michael and Christian approached the gallery via email, as many artists seem to be doing as they discover us. It was exciting to get some inquiries as we had no idea how a place like this would unfold. We figured we make the home, and the guests will come. 

It has been nothing but pleasant to meet, plan, and carry out our current exhibit, Six Combines, with Michael and Christian. We had a conversation with them last week about the exhibit at The Resonance Box.


Six combines is a collection of six "installations" that work with objects, speakers, and the space they are placed in to create an auditory experience. I asked Christian to do an "auditory walk through" of one of the installations. He picked one of the first ones a visitor would see as they step into the gallery. It's basically a metal cabinet with a door that opens and closes on a hinge at the front. He cut out two openings on the side of the cabinet for the cables to go in and meet the speaker that sits inside the cabinet. a number of multi-sided dice sit on top of the cabinet. As the sound being emitted from the speaker reaches a certain frequency, the cabinet and the dice atop it start to vibrate. This is where Michael comes in.


Michael did a frequency sweep of The Resonance Box. By figuring out the frequency of the room, he started to mark the sounds at which objects would start to resonate. He explained how he was focusing most on the space, his objective being to bring attention to the importance of "the container of sound" such as The Resonance Box, while Christian's focus was more on the objects themselves. 


The two proceeded to create different synthesized sounds that they play through the sound board and into the six different speakers incorporated into the installations. The experience is both a surround sound one and one that requires isolated attention to each piece. They had their opening this past Friday, July 20. The two performed the exhibit by having christian install the pieces in front of the spectators as Michael mixed and played sounds at the board.


We are pleasantly happy to have these two in our space and very much hope to keep them involved with our ongoing efforts to bring attention to the world of sounds. You can meet them at The Resonance Box until the end of July on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-9 pm and Saturdays and Sundays, 12-3 pm.




Aida Shahghasemi