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Thinking Voices: Sounding and Re-Sounding Creativity - with Wilma Koutstaal

Another one of University of Minnesota's very own celebrated scholars, Wilma Koutstaal, has been studying the mind and will be here at The Resonance Box to share some of her findings with us. 

What are the roles of the spoken (or heard) voice in the creative process?  How could a better understanding of our internal and external "thinking voices" deepen our attunement to promising possibilities for innovative turns of thought and action?  Wilma will invite us to take up these questions by exploring research findings from design science, and the cognitive and brain sciences. 

We will focus on three topics:  the technique of reflective verbalization, the puzzle of the agency of thought (just whose voice is that, really?), and how we can draw on sounding and re-sounding in our making-finding creative processes.


Space is limited so please get your tickets early. Many thanks.

Earlier Event: March 10
Later Event: March 16