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EXHIBIT: Conversations with Nature - Jacqueline Ultan
to Mar 31

EXHIBIT: Conversations with Nature - Jacqueline Ultan

$10 at the door. Please call in advance to set up a listening/viewing time. Thank you kindly.

Conversations with nature: A musical dialogue inspired by the visual and acoustic dynamics of the South Dakota Badlands. 


The video captures cellist Jacqueline Ultan's spontaneous improvisations created in and inspired by the dramatic landscape of the South Dakota Badlands. These in-the-moment compositions represent an immediate response and relationship between the artist and the environment, reinforcing the need to remain connected to our sensuous world as we evolve in an increasingly technology-based culture.  


This exhibit is a pre-recorded audio & video piece that will be projected in the gallery for the duration of the month of March. There is no official opening for it, however, there will be a closing event with the involved artists presenting a live musical performance accompanied by a new visual piece projected behind them as they play. This is the "Starfolk" event on March 31st. Tickets for that event are sold separately, on its own page. The "opening" will be with Jacqueline's trio, Impetus, on March 10th. This event also has its own separate page and ticket sales. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.





Cellist Jacqueline Ultan is a singularly creative artist with a distinctive voice as a performer, composer and improvisor, whose versatility is reflected in the diversity of her numerous and varied collaborations. Jacqueline’s underlying artistic vision is rooted in a passionate determination to remain connected to our sensuous world, which inspire her to place herself in unexpected musical contexts that challenge the traditional role of the cello. Jacqueline has recorded and performed with renowned theater, dance, pop, rock, and new music artists including Dan Wilson, The Jayhawks, Polica, Kill the Vultures, Alan Kingdom, R. Carlos Nakai; Huun Huur Tu and numerous others. Jacqueline is the recipient of several awards including a 2017 MacPhail Artist Grant; a 2015 MacPhail Commissioning Grant; a 2015 MRAC Next Step Fund Grant; a 2014 McKnight Performing Artist Fellowship; a 2013 MN. State Arts Board Arts Grant; a 2011 416 Club Commissions Grant (funded by the Jerome Foundation) and a Subito Grant from the American Composer's Forum. Jacqueline is also a dedicated teacher, serving on the faculty of the Macphail Center for Music and Minneapolis’ Community and Technical College. Jacqueline holds a Master's Degree in performance from Yale University.

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DAWN CHORUS - with Gordon Hempton
7:00 PM19:00

DAWN CHORUS - with Gordon Hempton


Join in for Resonance Box's grand opening with nothing less than an absolutely magical evening with the world renowned acoustic ecologist, Gordon Hempton and his treasured work, the DAWN CHORUS. Experience the rising of the sun from one side of planet earth to the other as the soundscapes shift around you.

Opening night with Gordon Hempton - Tuesday, January 9, 7 pm

Reception - Thursday, January 11, 7 pm


Sound Ecologist & Silence Activist

Concerned with the dwindling number of spaces on earth where total silence still lives, Gordon Hempton has dedicated more than 35 years of his life to the study and archiving of the sounds in our world. His work raises much needed awareness to how we listen, not just to one another, but more so to our surroundings, and the nature that we have mostly removed ourselves from. His work poetically opens our ears to the sounds that have guided the survival of our species, our intricate relationship with birds, and what we hear if we listen without any filters. 

Gordon Hempton has received recognition from the Charles A. Lindbergh Fund, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. He studied botany and plant pathology at the University of Wisconsin. His sound portraits, which record quickly vanishing natural soundscapes, have been featured in People magazine and a national PBS television documentary, Vanishing Dawn Chorus, which earned him an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement. Hempton is subject of a feature film, Soundtracker, and co-author of One Square Inch of Silence: One Man's Quest to Preserve Quiet, (Free Press/Simon & Schuster, 2010). He is Founder and Vice President of One Square Inch of Silence Foundation and Quiet Planet. Hempton has now circled the globe three times in pursuit of nature's music and produced more than 60 albums available on iTunes. He lectures widely on the importance of listening. He lives in Port Townsend, Washington. 


GLOBAL SUNRISE at The Resonance Box

Produced after nearly four decades of recording sunrise around the world, Gordon Hempton, The Sound Tracker, attempts his greatest masterpiece.  We hear the rising sun sweep across the face of six continents.  This global dawn chorus is a never ending wave of birdsong,  evolving over time with the evolution of life itself.  It is Gordon’s hope that this acoustic equivalent of NASA’s photo of Earth, will awaken our inherent reverence for life, all lives, not just human, and promote the need to protect places on Earth from noise pollution, so that we can continue to listen to what the Earth is telling us.  And the Earth is speaking, if we would only listen.




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