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We have a small selection of loved treasures for you to purchase as a part of our retail section. Some of you may be familiar with KOOH, a small self-care brand focusing on chemical free, plant based remedies. You can purchase KOOH products at our physical location or here, on the website. 


holistic self care and Relaxation

KOOH by Aida

KOOH meansK O O H means mountain in Farsi, the language of Iran. Our products include candles, scrubs, body creams, mists, liniments, salves (and more to come) all of which are inspired by Iranian plants and ancient Persian herbal remedies. Mountains steep us deeply in the environment, plants, herbs, and the connection we share with the nature that surrounds us. We love climbing them and would like to think that our children will have beautiful mountains to climb as well. Our products are hand made in small batches with care, containing simple ingredients, all of which are organic, phthalate free, lead free, fair trade, and ethically sourced. One mountain in mind at a time, we do what we can with hope in our hearts for a bright environmental future with lots of happy climbers. 



Illustrated Products by NASTIA SLEPTSOVA

Nastia is an illustrator from Ukraine. She creates delicate yet stunning illustrations that represents the seasons, the quieter moments of life, and beautiful homes. Her house brooches inspired by farm houses and Icelandic homes are quite popular in the digital world. Find her products at our physical location or on Etsy.